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Dental Emergency

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So you knocked-out, busted-in, or smashed up your beautiful smile. Or maybe, you have an unbearable toothache.

Don’t worry; it’s going to be all right. If you have a dental emergency, don’t suffer and don’t wait! Contact Smile Dental Studios Gosnells for an emergency appointment.

At Smile Dental Studios Gosnells, patients who need urgent care can be treated during business hours of the same day their emergency occurs.

Our main goal is to eliminate your pain and address any dental problems you might have developed, using our advanced dental technology and techniques.

Our gentle and responsive dental team is here to listen to your concerns, reduce your anxiety, and make your visit comfortable.

With emergency dental care at Smile Dental Studios Gosnells, we can help you get through the pain and discomfort as fast and efficiently as possible.

A dental emergency could be:

  • facial swelling
  • bleeding
  • an injury involving damage to your mouth or teeth
  • dental pain
  • lost fillings
  • broken dentures

Is it a Dental Emergency?

If you are not certain of what a true dental emergency is, answer the following questions:

  • Are you bleeding through the mouth?
  • Are you in serious pain?
  • Do you have any loose or knocked out teeth?
  • Do you have any swelling in the mouth?
  • Do you have any swelling of your gums?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you might be having a dental emergency, and you need to see your Gosnells dentist right away.

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care

Here are some tips on how to handle common oral discomforts and injuries, and when these require emergency dental care or services:

Toothache: See your Gosnells dentist as soon as you feel pain.

Broken, chipped, or cracked tooth: Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and apply a cold compress to your face. Go to your Gosnells dentist immediately.

For a broken or chipped tooth, bring the tooth fragment wrapped in clean, wet gauze or a damp cloth.

Loosened or knocked out tooth: If your tooth becomes loose due to trauma, call your Gosnells dentist. If possible, insert a knocked out tooth gently back in its socket, holding the tooth by the crown using a clean cloth.

If the tooth is dirty, first wash the root, but do not scrub it or remove any attached tissues.

If reinsertion is impossible, hold the tooth under you tongue and get to your Gosnells dentist as soon as possible.

Broken Jaw: Apply ice or a cold compress to your face to reduce swelling. Go to your Gosnells dentist or an emergency centre immediately.

Bitten Tongue or Lip: Clean the area with water and a wet washcloth. Place a cold compress on the area to lessen swelling.

If bleeding persists or if it is excessive, go to your Gosnells dentist or an emergency centre.

Emergency Dental Care at Smile Dental Studios Gosnells

If you’re concerned about a dental emergency, call us immediately, and we will get you in to see the dentist as soon as possible.

For emergency dental care in Gosnells, call us on (08) 6594 1531 or request your appointment online.

We are your friendly dental practice located at 8/2328 Albany Hwy in Gosnells.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a dental condition usually characterised by pain, swelling, or discomfort, and is often when the patient decides that they cannot help themselves.

How can I prepare for dental emergencies?

By packing an emergency dental care kit such as:

  • Dentist’s phone numbers
  • Saline solution
  • Handkerchief
  • Gauze
  • Small container with lid
  • Ibuprofen

I have a broken or chipped tooth. What should I do?

If you have a damaged or knocked out tooth, you may or may not be experiencing discomfort. Even if you don’t feel any pain, it is important to see your dentist right away.

The delicate areas of the tooth may now be exposed to bacteria. If left unprotected, this could quickly lead to new or increased decay and ultimately result in loss of tooth or root canal therapy.

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