Dental Health Tracking Tips from Your Gosnells Dentist

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Family Dentist in Gosnells

Dental Health Tracking Tips from Your Gosnells Dentist Early each August, the Australian Dental Association, and all of Australia, recognise Dental Health Week. This year the week runs from the 5th to 11th.

This week is dedicated to topics that might help Australians maximise their dental health, and of course, Smile Dental Studios Gosnells fully supports that goal.

This year’s theme is “How’s Your Oral Health Tracking?”, which is two questions in one. The first question is, how is your oral health doing, and the second is how are you keeping track of it?

And both questions are important. In this hustle-bustle world, it is easy to lose track of ‘small’ things like oral hygiene and dental care.

And keeping track of your oral hygiene is particularly tricky in two age groups – children and seniors.

Both age groups can tend to lose track of their daily progress. This means it is doubly important that we pay attention to make sure that good oral hygiene is practised and proper oral care is given.

Let’s take a look at what those issues are, and what can be done to ensure that young and old, alike, are on track for oral health!

Keeping children on track

Children are not naturally great at oral hygiene; they have to learn why it is a good idea, and they have to learn how to do it.

Furthermore, they have to learn how broad the concept of oral hygiene is, including brushing, flossing, visiting the dentist, proper nutrition, etc.

Dental Health Week is your opportunity to introduce your young children to the importance of oral hygiene. There may be events scheduled in your area, and the Dental Health Week website is a great resource.

The website has a variety of information, including colourful and informative posters on topics such as general oral health, and the threat of acidic or super-sugary drinks.

The website also contains useful hints for parents who are teaching young children to take care of their oral health:

  1. Spit out excess toothpaste, and don’t rinse your child’s mouth.
  2. A little toothpaste is a lot. You need no more than a dab.
  3. Brushing can be fun if you make it exciting with songs, videos on a smartphone, or dental apps.
  4. Honey works better than vinegar. Always praise your child for their oral hygiene accomplishments.
  5. Bring your children to the dentist early. Certainly by one year of age
  6. Brushing and Flossing should begin as soon as multiple teeth are present.
  7. If your child has their ‘pen licence’ for writing with a pen at school, they can probably brush on their own.

Use Dental Health Week as an opportunity to teach your children good dental habits. Model good dental behaviour for them and track your own oral health, so they see the approach in practice.

As far as their progress goes, follow it on a calendar, in a chart, or with gold stars. Make your child’s development evident to them and reward essential milestones.


Senior dental problems are common, and because oral health directly impacts overall health, these issues need to be taken seriously.

Our bodies become more vulnerable as we age and oral problems that were once insignificant can escalate into something much more.

Seniors can lose control of their oral hygiene and dental health, much more quickly than when they were young, and this can lead to unfortunate results.

  • Dry mouth: Lack of saliva puts teeth and gums at risk
  • Gum disease: Studies demonstrate links between gum disease and heart disease, while raised bacteria levels are linked to pneumonia and diabetes.
  • Oral cancer: Oral cancer rates increase as we age.
  • Darkened teeth.
  • Root decay.
  • Gum disease.
  • Tooth loss.
  • Uneven jawbone/crooked teeth.

The underlying causes of these problems are multiple:

Regular hygiene: Regular hygiene, even in people who have been conscientious about brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist, can suffer as we age.

Habits change, manual dexterity decreases, and memories become less certain. In some cases, it is more challenging to drive to a dental appointment or afford treatment.

Every senior should be aware of these challenges, and every relative or friend of a senior should be tracking them as well.

Memory: Memory issues like dementia make it harder to keep track of oral hygiene. Habits can be forgotten, and things like dental appointments can get lost in the mix.

These problems make it even more crucial that the elderly, or loved ones or caregivers, stay on top of their oral hygiene habits at all times. The golden years are not the time to take chances with oral and general health!

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